“ Hindupat Institute of Teacher Training is a brainchild of a very enthusiastic, dedicated and foresighted person of eminence Hon. Digvijay Singhji, Ex. CM of Madhya Pradesh. The governing board includes eminent educationalists, technocrats and professionals. HITT presents an unparalleled, qualitative, exhaustive, up-to-date, easy-paced training to all candidates who aspire to take up teaching as their profession. ”

Trust Members of Vijaya Educational Charitable Trust

  • Hon. Digvijaya Singh
    ( AICC General secretary )
  • Hon. Jaivardhan Singh
    ( MLA, Raghogarh )
  • Mrs. Vijaya Rajam
    ( Director of Telugu Daily )

Management ⁄ Governing Committee

  • Hon. Jaivardhan Singh
    ( MLA, Raghogarh & Chairperson
    HITT )
  • Dr. Radhakrishna Murthi
    ( Administrator )
  • Mr. R.K. Singh
    ( Principal, Hindupat Public School, Raghogarh )

Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Radhika Iyengar, Director, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York
    Dr. Radhika Iyengar
  • Dr. M.V. Prasad, Retired Principal, The Daly College, Indore, formerly Principal of Bhavan's V.M. Public School, Baroda, Headmaster of The Rishi Valley School
    Dr. M.V. Prasad
  • Dr. Jubilee Padmanabhan, Assistant Professor and Head (I/C), HITT
    Dr. Jubilee Padmanabhan
  • Dr. S.C. Behar, Former Chief Secretary to the Government of Madhya Pradesh, and Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism
    Dr. S.C. Behar
  • Dr. M.N. Bapat, Ex-Principal, HITT and former Professor, RIE (NCERT), Bhopal
    Dr. M.N. Bapat

Management Fees Charged from Students

Financial Facilities

Balance Sheet FY Income Expenditure Received & Payment

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